DUI Options and Consequences of Driving While Drunk

Many Colorado residents find themselves arrested on DUI charges every year, and the lasting ramifications have a devastating effect on a person’s life. Forty years ago a person being pulled over for drunk driving might have been given a warning and sent on their way home. These days the penalties for a DUI conviction are harsh.


The penalties for a first time DUI conviction in Colorado vary, but the following illustrates what happens.

  1. Your license is suspended up to an entire year.
  2. A fine is imposed ranging from $300 to $1000.
  3. Jail time from five days to a year.
  4. Community Service hours that range from 48 to 96 hours.
  5. Alcohol education classes lasting from three to nine months.
  6. Ineligibility to apply for U.S. Citizenship.

These are the penalties for a regular DUI; simply being pulled over and being over the legal limit. If a person causes an accident with injuries or death the charges go up to the felony level. At that point a person convicted of a DUI faces a variety of criminal penalties that can easily lead to prison time. After being convicted, it is generally very difficult to obtain post-conviction relief.

In addition, a criminal conviction may prevent you from obtaining a Visa to go study abroad. Only a qualified Italian lawyer would be able to help you.

Considering the penalties given to drunk drivers a person should plan ahead if drinking is a consideration. The easiest way to avoid getting charged with this sort of crime is not driving after consuming alcohol. If a person is determined to drink at a club or bar they should plan ahead by having the phone number to a couple of cab companies handy.

Another way to plan ahead is to have a designated safe driver. This is usually a situation where a few friends go out to gether and drink. One of the people in the group either totally abstains from drinking, or drinks very carefully to stay under the legal limit.

Public transportation or simply walking home are other alternatives. The only possible problem with using these options is getting arrested for public intoxication. Fortunately the penalties for public intoxication are minor, and a person will not face the stiffer penalties of a DUI conviction.

Drunk driving convictions easily destroy a person’s personal and business life. A person that plans to drink should consider safe alternatives to driving themselves around. Planning ahead certainly can save a person lots of legal grief.